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Teaching Experience

1988 Vickie received her Certificate of Massage Therapy from Therapeutic Massage Training Institute (TMTI) in Charlotte, N.C.  She was also certified by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).  She founded Lighten Up Holistic Health Services that same year, and began educating communities across the state about the benefits of therapeutic massage, movement, meditation, and self-health.


From 1991 to 1994 she created and wrote for the Charlotte Post, “Hands On Health”, a monthly newspaper column that focused on massage, body work, and holistic healing.


In 1992 Vickie Torrey  was elected and served a three year term as Director of Education for the North Carolina Chapter of AMTA. Her responsibilities included administering the certification examination state-wide to therapists seeking to be AMTA Certified. In 1994 and 1995 she taught massage and movement at Omega Institute of Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York.

For many years as an instructor for Lighten Up, she taught unwed mothers and women recovering from domestic violence self-massage. She also taught them how to massage their infants and children to help heal the whole family.

In 2001 Vickie was selected as one of the first two licensed massage and body work therapists to join an integrative medicine team for Carolinas Healthcare System.  At Carolinas Integrative Health her professional touch experience and contact with persons experiencing Cancer, ALS, MS, and HIV/AIDS provided the groundwork for her present classes.   


She received her certification in Medical Massage for Cancer Patients from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. In an effort to help promote Oncology Massage in the hospital setting, Vickie volunteered at Blumenthal Cancer Center’s chemotherapy site where she provided Oncology Massage for the cancer patients, care providers, and medical support staff.


In 2005 Vickie followed another spiritual call and moved to Brazil to write about faith, abundant living, and Oncology Massage. She lives, writes, and teaches in Ilhabela, Sao Paulo, Brazil.  While in Brazil, she also volunteers her time with cancer patients at end stage of life. Vickie also serves as a faculty member for Costa Rica School of Massage in Samara Beach, Costa Rica, where she teaches Ethics, Professional Communications, Psychology of Touch, and of course, Oncology Massage.



The Charlotte Post

The Journal of American College of Sports Medicine

Massage Magazine

Live! Love! Heal! Abundant Life Affirmations--An interactive ebook
Joy Bringers--Celebrate the Joy in Each Moment! Balboa Press/Hay House

Soon to be published: "Bringing Joy to the Care Provider"

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Cancer Massage Seminars


Cancer Massage: Integrative Touch Therapies for Persons Experiencing Cancer Part I



In this 1-Day introductory seminar participants will learn the basics about cancer pathology, risk factors, treatment options, and their side effects for 6 common types of cancer; current research that speaks of the benefits of Oncology Massage; contraindications for deep pressure massage; integrative massage/bodywork modalities; and relaxation and visualization techniques for care providers.
This class has helped massage therapists, nurses, physical therapists, hospice volunteers, spa employees, and other medical/health practitioners dispel the myths and fears about providing compassionate touch for cancer patients and their care providers.

Participants will review intake forms and treatment plans, discuss how to become part of an oncology care team,
 and learn how to perform light touch massage techniques appropriate for hospitals, hospice, chemotherapy sites and their private offices. 

This course includes a 100-page training manual.



Registration fee for this seminar costs between $179.00-$199.00 depending upon the school, venue or location.



Course Description for the 3-Day Intensive Seminar


 This 3-Day Intensive seminar takes participants beyond the basics of Oncology  Massage. It goes deeper into the intricacies of the cancer experience. Inspirational cancer stories, and shared personal experiences, create an uplifting and life-affirming atmosphere. During the 3 days, common cancer pathologies, treatment options, and side effects are explored. Participants are exposed to the most current, credible information about research supporting the benefits of massage for cancer patients.


 They experience a more expansive exploration of the contraindications for deep pressure massage and learn when to make massage adjustments for various stages of the cancer progression. There is time set aside for participant reflection about personal and emotional limitations that act as barriers to providing therapeutic touch to cancer patients.


 In this non-judgmental and compassionate environment participants will discuss grieving, lost, bereavement, and end stage of life. Cancer volunteers provide a life-enriching opportunity for participants to hear their stories and connect with the spiritual/emotional feelings of the patient.  This time of sharing allows for a more intensive gathering of medical, social, and psychological information in order to create the perfect customized massage session for the cancer patients.


Therapists who want to create an Oncology Massage practice or expand their present practice will find this seminar educational and extremely valuable. Oncology nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, chiropractors, holistic health practitioners, hospice volunteers, spa employees, and other health/medical practitioners have attended this seminar and found it to extremely rewarding and easily transferable.

  Participants will learn:


  • Light touch integrative massage techniques appropriate for hospice, patients’ homes, hospitals, chemotherapy/radiation treatment sites, as well as their private offices. Massage adjustments are made for touch therapies for clients experiencing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other cancer treatment options.


  • Using group interaction they will also explore the socio-emotional, spiritual, and psychological effects of cancer. Participants will examine and dispel issues and fears about cancer for themselves and their clients. A section on grief, bereavement, and end stage of life is also included.

  • How to create intake forms, session plans, follow-up charts, and letters to physicians for a customized cancer massage session appropriate for any stage of cancer. 
  • How to make massage adjustments for surgical sites, medical appliances, ostomies, and medical ports. Pre- and Post massage techniques for breast reconstruction will be explored. Various client positions and draping styles will be demonstrated, adjusting for the different types and stages of cancer. Pre and post surgical adjustments are performed. Persons experiencing cancer usually volunteer to be models for the hands-on portion of this class.

  • Self-care: Students will perform stretching exercises, meditation, and energy balancing/grounding techniques to help them stay emotionally centered, grounded, and flexible while working with this special population.


  • Chair massage protocols for care providers to be used in medical and non-medical sites. Attention will be focused on the care providers (acknowledging the emotional, spiritual, and physical impact of cancer on their lives) and stress reduction/energy balancing techniques will be used to help them create more balance in their daily experiences.


  • How to access local and national community resources for cancer patients and care providers. They will discover how to become an active member of an oncology care team and how to market oncology/cancer massage. This course includes a 150-page training manual and numerous handouts are used consistently during this class.



Registration fee for this seminar costs between $395.00-$420.00 depending upon the school, venue or location. 

New Seminars!

Oncology Massage for Persons Experiencing Cancer

A 2-Day Intensive--- 16 Contact Hours!
The 3-Day seminar artfully condensed into this outstanding workshop!
Participants will use their 150-page training manual for this class.

Registration fee for this seminar costs between $295.00-$320.00 depending upon the school, venue or location.

Authentic Self-Care!

For Massage Therapists, Hospice Volunteers, Touch Professionals, CNAs, Family Care Providers and More!

If you are providing compassionate care for others this seminar is just for you!
Take time out for yourself! Enjoy this 8 hour interactive radical self-care retreat!

Have fun with art therapy, color therapy, journal writing, stories, movement and compassionate touch!

Re-Energize! Re-New! Relax! You Deserve This!

This is being offered at a introductory fee of $80.00!

NCBTMB Approved Seminar presented in Portuguese


2-Day Intensive taught in Brazil

Ethics and Cancer Massage


In this 4 hour class participants will learn about the intricate dynamics of ethics and potential ethical dilemmas while working with persons experiencing cancer. They will learn ways to avoid or resolve unethical situations in hospital, hospice, patients’ homes, health centers, and other medical facilities. Using lively discussions, participants will tackle real life dilemmas.

   This highly interactive class will improve ethical decision-making processes and enhance problem-solving skills. Participants will learn how to avoid boundary crossings; create and maintain professional boundaries; and compassionately deal with emotional issues specific to cancer patients. 

Registration fee for this seminar costs between $45.00-$65.00 depending upon the school, venue or location.

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