International Cancer Massage Training
Vickie D. Torrey

"Vickie and her work and teaching are extremely important. She is gifted, intelligent, and compassionate."  Rehea Youde--Tulsa, OK.

"The class (seminar) was very educational. I already feel confident in working with cancer patients!" Melinda Tena, Phoenix, Arizona

"This was an excellent presentation! The instructor's knowledge base was broad and her ability to dissemilate the information was outstanding! I had a fabulous day and plan to bring this practice to my own clientele and to show my fellow nurses and healthcare practitioners!"-Susan Andrews, RN, East Brunswick, NJ

"I love your compassionate safe spirit!"--Barb White, Phoenix Arizona

"Great class!--Superb instructor"  Joyce Jones, Oklahoma City, OK

"I presently work as a COTA in a nursing rehabilitation facility. We are presently being told by the facility that massage for a patient with cancer is forbidden. I hope to be able to now correct this misconception!"-- Suzanne Woolston, Atlantic City, NJ

"Vicke Torrey has a great heart, wonderful touch, and a clear humorous way of teaching and connecting. I loved it!"-- Valli B., Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Vickie Torrey is a master at presenting a serious subject with knowledge and humor. This one day seminar is a thumbs up! I would recommend it to anyone who wishes information about cancer massage." Deanna Dunaway, Phoenix Arizona

 Enjoy Vickie's interviews and videos!

 Charlotte Observer article written by Lisa Thornton

 CBS Radio
V101.9 Interview with Bea Thompson


The World Massage Conference 
November 2017

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